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Providing Everything You Need Whether You're A Developer, Asset Owner, Racking Manufacturer or VC Firm


Technical Due Diligence

We have a hands-on approach to technical due diligence that most IE's don't.  We believe in short-concise reports utilizing lay-person language.  Our goal is to clearly outline product benefit, risks and possible mitigations to those risks to enable the best client-side decision-making.  

Damaged Site Assessments

Solar systems are designed with the 25-year worst-case expected scenario in-mind.  Sometimes, that scenario comes to fruition.  It's imperative that subject-matter experts be deployed to site for root cause of failure analysis immediately.  We have a track record (see our publications) of supporting your systems in their worst moments.


Market Analysis &
AVL Strategy

The solar PV racking space is always dynamic.  New entrants come annually and turn-over is rapid.  With such a fast moving environment, having experts you can lean on to provide you analysis of where the market is and where it's going can be invaluable.  

Combining publicly available information and a project portfolio analysis, we can help develop a boutique sourcing strategy to meet your project needs.  We develop and guide Approved Vendor List (AVL) strategies for some of the largest developers in the world.

Product Development Program



Competitive Analysis & Product Baselining

Utilizing publicly available sources, we help teams competitively benchmark against the competition.  Creating a baseline of product cost, weight and competitive flexibility allows a measurement of success.


Improvement Program Proposal

AAS will create a proposal for product improvement.  Estimations for the clients ROI will be developed.


Wind Tunnel Testing Program Development

If value can be found through additional wind tunnel testing.  A specialized testing program can be developed with our network of wind tunnel facilities we've used for decades.

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