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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Azimuth Advisory Services strives provide clients with clear, concise technical guidance to help facilitate the best decision making possible.  Our experts and deep bench of subcontractors have the expertise needed to get to the root of any problem.  Creative problem solving, layperson language and backing up our assertions with math are core principals that set us apart from other Independent Engineers.  


Our Story

Our team has been working side-by-side for over 16 years.  Frank & Chris started at SunEdison, developing internal racking systems ranging from commercial roof, residential roof, fixed tilt, single-axis tracker and carports.  Products they conceptualized, designed and manufactured were put into service on over 4GW of total install volume prior to SunEdison's bankruptcy in 2016. 


For the remaining SunEdison install volumes that were deployed, the largest developer in the world relied on the Structural AVL (Approved Vendor's List) for which Frank & Chris provided all technical due diligence.  They worked closely with construction and M&A teams to ensure the total-life cycle of those decisions was in the best interest of the company.  Without a significant structural failure to point to, their strategy was ultimately a success.

In 2016, Frank & Chris departed and began consulting, culminating in Azimuth Advisory Services.  Those efforts have helped many clients including developers, asset managers, EPC's, VC firms, start-ups and racking manufacturers make better products and purchasing decisions.  

Meet The Team

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